About Me

Jojo Moolayil is a Research Scientist (A.I.) with Amazon, where he is responsible for researching and developing machine learning solutions to enrich customers payment journey within AWS.

Born & raised in Pune, India, Jojo graduated from the University of Pune with a major in Information Technology Engineering and later moved to Bangalore to start his career in Data Science. He is the published author of 4 books on Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Decision Science for IoT; and is an active freelance Tech-reviewer for books on the same field. He was involved as a Tech-Reviewer for over a dozen books with Springer Publications (Apress) and Packt Publications.

Outside work, Jojo spends time exploring his culinary skills, listening to hindi melodies, hiking and photography.

He maintains a blog at blog.jojomoolayil.com where he writes about practical machine learning for beginners in the field. He currently resides in Vancouver, BC.

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